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Monday, July 24, 2006

Flock: Search box

The Flock search box is a really neat idea. Unfortunately, I find myself going back to Firefox nearly every single time I want to do any serious searching.

My beefs with the new search:
  1. Defaults to Yahoo! search. I get why that is—they're the ones set up for the "search as you type"—but I strongly prefer Google. (Yes, I know you can change the default.)
  2. Search as you type. Neat idea, but not particularly necessary. What are the odds I'll need my results before I'm done typing? Not a bad thing per se, but not my cup of tea so far.
  3. Too hard—if not impossible—to change the "temporary default". When you select a different search engine in Firefox, it becomes the default for that window for future searches. With Flock I have to click the engine I want every single time. Annoying when I'm doing multiple searches in, say, Wikipedia or IMDB. Also, anything that makes it necessary to use the mouse more gets on my nerves.

Some of the nicer bits so far:

  1. Search through your history. Invaluable when trying to track down that page you were at two hours ago. Probably pretty handy to see if your teenager has been using your system to search for "pr0n" as well.
  2. Search Favorites. Not nearly as essential, but appreciated.
  3. Search as you type. Yeah, I listed this as a bad thing too. Five points for innovation, even if I'm not a huge fan of how it turned out.

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