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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Flock: Blogging gripes

Despite my previous gripes about Flock ("the web browser for you and your friends" that this blog was originally arguably about), I really do enjoy using it quite a bit when I'm forming and posting my blog.   However, I'm going to add a few other nitpicks to the pile:

  • Can't save Technorati tags when a blog post fails.  I've had to retype all of my tags many times in some cases.
  • Sometimes a certificate will show as expired; sometimes it won't.  And I don't mean certificates that just expired, wise-guy.  Once in a while Blogger will show up as having a certificate that expired in 2004, and when I push on past this I usually can't post again until I shut down Flock and start it over.

However, it is very nice that the blog posts are saved in a local folder.

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