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Monday, October 09, 2006

Words to Your Mother: !*(f ^^/~ ?

"!*(f ^^/~" (pronounced /ioœ yye/) is Oou for "I love languages". Or "I love a langugage". Or "You love a language". Or "I avoid languages". Or "My turnip language". Or "I flatten languages". Or "I love genocide". Or many other equally correct translations depending on context and state of mind.

Oou is a conlang (constructed language), an artlang (a conlang designed for aesthetic pleasure), and a jokelang (a conlang created as a joke). It is properly written only in monospace fonts.

The full (very short) dictionary and description of Oou can be found at the link below. Be warned: There is some strong language on this page, both inside and outside of the dictionary.


Update (10/21/06): Made a slight correction to the word itself (the question mark at the end was intentionally part of the title, but is not part of the word).

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