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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Words to Your Mother: Hiatus

Hiatus is the temporary state that this blog is entering while I do some traveling. I'm not completely sure how often I'll be near an Internet connection, and I don't expect to have much time to make these posts while I'm gone in any case. (In my preparation to leave I haven't even had much time to make them while I'm here.) I might post occasionally, but don't expect my roughly daily post to show up again until early December.

A few things to help hold you over while I'm gone:

The menal_floss blog has a nice little list of words today. See if you can guess which ones are realy and which aren't.

Also, if you want to keep up your vocabulary while I'm gone, here are thirty words randomly selected from the list of words that I've been considering posting about. (The total list would be over 150 words at this point.) I've assigned each word a day for the next month should you choose to go back and research any of them. (I may still use some of these when I get back.)

November 8: hyacinth
November 9: whinge
November 10: recazier
November 11: telemores
November 12: mata hari
November 13: hemantaschen
November 14: piquante
November 15: melanoma
November 16: caprice
November 17: declension
November 18: poxy
November 19: fin de siecle
November 20: triptych
November 21: chalet
November 22: tureen
November 23: sonata
November 24: diaspora
November 25: lannguorous
November 26: funereal
November 27: abortifacient
November 28: aphorism
November 29: furtive
November 30: ichnologist
December 1: scrye
December 2: bugaboo
December 3: mycelium
December 4: inveterate
December 5: usurer
December 6: ferous
December 7: xenial
December 8: zylorimba

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Blogged without Flock :-(


At 12:40 PM, Blogger Nancy said...

happy travels... I'm going to miss your words posts though... sigh...


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