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Monday, July 31, 2006

Words to Your Mother: Ebay

Ebay is Pig Latin for "be". It may also be written "e-bay".

On a side note, the Latin word for "pig" is sus, which is also the genus to which pigs belong.

The pig word for "Latin" is usually transcribed in an onomatopoeic sense in English as "oink", although there is some ambiguity as to whether Latin is in fact what the pigs are meaning to describe.

The Latvian translation of the pig word for "Latin" is ruk. The Latverian translation of the pig word for "Latin" is unclear, although it may be röf (based on Latverian's Hungarian roots). Perhaps the only way to be certain would be to ask Victor Von Doom, who might kill you for the inquiry, but would provide you with an honest answer otherwise. (Though Dr. Doom is capable of many things, the Master of Latveria does not lie.)

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